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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question? See our FAQ, someone probably asked the same question before. The following are general FAQs. For technical FAQs about the ShoeAI Shoe Finder Editor, please visit our Help Center

Does it work with all categories of shoes?
 Yes, ShoeAI is based on a database of over 1.2 million shoe models of all types of categories, from luxury to boots to sports shoes.
Which platform do you integrate with?
We integrate with all common platforms Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, SalesForce, Novomind iSHOP, Shopware, SAP Commerce Cloud, Gambio, Prestashop o Woocommerce, among others. Contact us if you have questions about the integration.
How easy is to integrate?
a topical integration timeline is 2 weeks. Our team can you will be asked to set up a few data feeds and integrate a few scripts. Our team will assist you even with coding capabilities if needed. Help Center
How does ShoeAI works for my shoes/shop? (I sell special shoes)
once ShoeAI is installed, on your website, the machine learning kicks in and learns all about your shoes.
What if my shoes are unique and there is no existing data about them in ShoeAI database?
In the start we will ask you for some feedback around your shoes, to train the machine learning. Regardless the machine learning will gather learning data as it is running on your site
What is ShoeAI?
ShoeAI is a shoe finder that finds for each shop visitor the shoes you have on stock in a size that will fit them. It also selects the best shoes for each shop visitor based on their needs and application.

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