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How companies use AI to boost their conversion rate in footwear orders

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There's no doubt that Artificial Intelligence is the future of e-commerce. We want to give you a look into how companies are using AI for better customer experiences—and more sales.

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Of surveyed consumers say a personalized customer experience is an important factor in their purchasing decisions.


You will learn

1. How to create the best customer experience for your footwear e-commerce

2. How to make those experiences smarter with AI

3. How e-commerce conversion rates can increase with new technologies


Why customer experience is so important?

Customer experience is a huge priority for footwear e-commerce. The customer journey begins with the first touchpoint, and it's essential that you create a seamless process that leads to a successful purchase.

That's why we've created this webinar to help you understand exactly how important the customer experience is for footwear e-commerce businesses.