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Shoes ShoeAI

Sell more shoes online with guided selling

ShoeAI guides your shop visitors to the right shoes and turns them into happy buyers.

Trusted by leading retailers and footwear brands online

Hyper-personalized shoe shopping

Like a shoe salesperson in an "offline" store, ShoeAI guides your visitors to the right shoes in your online store.  


Boost your footwear sales with innovative, guided selling AI

The global Net Conversions in Footwear eCommerce is 2% on average. ShoeAI sells footwear at 6,2% net conversion on average.

Easy to use for your shoppers

ShoeAI engages with your shoppers in an intuitive way by asking the same questions a salesperson in a real store would do.

As the result ShoeAI points your shoppers to the right shoes.

Here's what our partners have achieved in the last 12 months

Help your shoppers buy the right shoe size online, grow your net revenue and reduce your CO2 footprint




Want ShoeAI to sell more shoes in your online shop?

  • Create a feel-good experience
  • Increase shopper trust
  • Boost conversion net conversion by 300% per user
  • Increase shoe orders
  • Improve your customer experience
  • Increase your net revenue
  • Customer service relief
  • Ensure that shoppers keep the shoe

We chose ShoeSize.Me as it delivers significantly higher net revenue on our footwear sales.



Fenix Outdoor Group / Globetrotter

Digital Product Manager B2C commerce

We carefully analysed the result and proved that ShoeSize.Me does create extra orders.


R.M Williams

Head of E-commerce

We have seen that the probability to buy and keep a shoe increases significantly every time a shopper gets the right recommendation.




Director of Sales

We believe this has always been vital in converting visitors into buyers and that this will be even more important in the future of online shopping.


Head of  E-commerce

Our Industry Partners

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