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Sell more shoes online with our new AI sales assistant

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In-store experience online

ShoeAI guides shoppers to the right shoes that are in-stock - just like a real salesperson would do in-store.

It works for all types of shoes.

Integrate the ShoeAI experience into your online shop

Easy to use for every online shopper

Just like a salesperson in-store would ask you, we ask shoppers for information about shoes that they already have. 

Our AI-assistant will guide shoppers to the right shoes in the right size in a very intuitive way.

ShoeAI sells 10% extra orders on R.M. Williams


Want ShoeAI to sell more shoes in your online shop?

  • Create a feel-good experience

  • Increase shopper trust

  • Boost conversion by 300%

  • Increase shoe orders
  • Improve your customer experience

  • Increase your net revenue

  • Customer service relief

  • Ensure that shoppers keep the shoe

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