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Sell more shoes online with guided selling

ShoeAI makes online shoe shopping super easy for everybody. The Shoe Finder finds shoes that your shoppers want, are in-stock, and in sizes that fit them - because shoes fit differently.

Trusted by leading retailers and footwear brands online

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Elten | Fashionette | RM Williams
Tennispoint | Sargasso & Grey | SNKR
Runningpoint | LeChameau | Meermin
Globetrotter | Baffin | Kandahar
Endura | Shopfair24 | Kybun
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How does ShoeAI sell more shoes for you? 

Your online shoppers are shown the shoes

1) they want

2) that fit and

3) are in-stock


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The best way to sell your shoes online

Delight your shoppers with the best online shopping experience while increasing your product sales. Over 6 million shoppers use ShoeAI per year.

ShoeAI sells shoes at an avg. 6,2% net conversion rate, (vs. 1-2% net conversion rate industry average.)


net conversion rate *

*Net Conversion Rate = Conversion Rate after returns

Easy and intuitive to use

No need to measure feet. The shopper just tells ShoeAI a shoe that they already own and fit well

Global database and advanced machine learning

ShoeAI works for all type of shoes from sports shoes to high-heels.

64+ million shoe shopper experiences

1.2+ million shoe models

5500+ shoe brands

Supported integrations


and more

Watch your online net sales grow

Track day to day how many extra shoes ShoeAI is selling on your website. Pay on what you earn. Contact us to request pricing.


We chose ShoeSize.Me as it delivers significantly higher net revenue on our footwear sales.



Fenix Outdoor Group / Globetrotter

Digital Product Manager B2C commerce

We carefully analysed the result and proved that ShoeSize.Me does create extra orders.


R.M Williams

Head of E-commerce

We have seen that the probability to buy and keep a shoe increases significantly every time a shopper gets the right recommendation.




Director of Sales

We believe this has always been vital in converting visitors into buyers and that this will be even more important in the future of online shopping.


Head of  E-commerce


ShoeAI is made exclusively for shoes

  • The only shoe finder that finds shoes based on shopper needs, fit and availability
  • Machine learning that learns about each of your shoes automatically when installed 
  • Custom UX made for the highest standards of footwear brands and luxury retailers
  • The only algorithm that can compare the fit of different models (because models of the same brand can fit differently) 
  • Considers foot widths, shoe widths, and calf widths
  • Kids shoe solution included
  • Performance-based pricing of your net sales. (Dashboard incl. to measure users and net sales)
  • Easy and supported integration included

Artificial Intelligence Backed By


Shoe Shopper Experiences

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